Shopper research ZEAL Creative – Gen Z: Buying into Better

As the UK’s most effective shopper marketing agency, a rich and in-depth understanding of different shopper groups and their behaviours is a fundamental cornerstone of our business, informing us with the insight to drive real commercial change for our clients.

Gen Z is the latest consumer cohort to enter the market, and as the latest generation with spending power, getting under the skin of this dynamic shopper audience has been a key focus for our planning and insight team.

We’ve recently published our latest piece of proprietary shopper research, entitled ‘Gen Z: Buying Into Better’, in which we explore the key trends, macro influences and societal shifts that are shaping new shopper behaviours amongst this diverse and dynamic audience.

The research involved in-depth interviews, online qualitative and online quantitative questions amongst a total of 915 Gen Z shoppers, and highlighted three key trends:

Pursuit of Progressive

A proliferation of digital information and social inspiration has thrust progressive lifestyles into the spotlight, and everyday wellness and self-improvement is now a key part of shopper behaviour.

Purchase with Purpose

We’re seeing a shift in brand consumption, from aspiration to inspiration: brands are no longer a shared symbol of status, but a signal of shared values.

Pragmatic but Positive

Still children during the recession, Gen Z has been hardened by the economic turbulence in which they’ve grown up, leading to a rethink around value exchange, and an increasing investment in themselves.

Commenting on the research, Callum Saunders, our Head of Planning says:


“Our research gives some fascinating insight for brands looking to reach Gen Z consumers. These informed shoppers are actively seeking hacks to become the best version of themselves and buying into progressive, wellness focused products.

They’re conscientious consumers that want to effect positive change in the world, for whom purchase reflect purpose. In addition, they’ve been hardened by uncertainty, which has shaped them into pragmatic shoppers who are redefining notions of value.

The way this generation shops is driving real change and for brands gearing up for Gen Z, this heralds unique and exciting opportunities.”

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