To celebrate the launch of their ‘New Perfect Flavour in Every Bite’ Pringles, ZEAL created a partnership for the brand with Gogglebox – the UK’s much-loved TV programme that shows real people giving real honest opinions!

The concept was very simple. Give the new flavour Pringles to the ‘stars’ of Gogglebox and then record what they do with them.

The results (as expected) were hilarious, leading to the creation of six pieces of exclusive video content which were shared on Pringles’ social media channels over a 4-week period as the new flavours hit stores.

In the clips, some of Gogglebox’s most memorable families, including the Siddiquis, Malones and Ellie & Izzi, all have way too much fun playing with Pringles.

Rebecca Worthington, Senior Brand Manager – Pringles, felt the campaign was bang on brand:

“Gogglebox is a perfect brand fit for Pringles. One of our core consumption occasions sees families and friends getting together in front of the TV and sharing Pringles. This social media partnership was a great way to get people talking about our brand, at a time when we’d made the Pringles flavours better than ever.”

As well as concept development, ZEAL also handled all partner negotiation and the creation of the video assets for use on social media.

The artistic direction of the clips themselves was naturally left to the experts at Studio Lambert, the show’s creators, who insisted on no scripts and for it all to just be totally natural and real.

Robert White, Planning Director at ZEAL, is thrilled to see strong results:

‘The Gogglebox campaign saw some fantastic engagements from consumers, delivering nearly 7 million more impressions across both Facebook and Twitter than anticipated. YouGov noted that as a result of the campaign, Pringles Ad Awareness score increased by 6 points! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to engage consumers via social media, and this activity has done just that.”

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