ZEAL delivers Bridget’s Baby for AERO

As the nation geared up to hit the cinema for the long awaited Bridget Jones’s Baby, ZEAL’s latest on-pack promotion for Nestlé was already being delivered to stores across the UK. The Bridget Jones campaign is ZEAL’s first national promotion for AERO and it follows our appointment to the Nestlé Confectionery roster in January 2016. ZEAL’s campaign gives AERO consumers the chance to Win Bridget’s Tablet (the high tech equivalent of her iconic diary) EVERY DAY!

An outdoor media campaign, (mirroring the style of a film launch), starts the shopper journey, with billboards and bus sides used to introduce the link from AERO to Bridget. The link is further exploited online with promoted posts on Facebook, designed to capture the extensive word of mouth around the film’s launch.

In store, high impact pack designs, featuring the movie’s star Renée Zellweger, literally stare back from the shelves at confectionery shoppers with promotional shelf ready packaging, created to maximize the impact at all selling points. Finally, an entire Shopper Marketing campaign has been created by ZEAL for every retailer to make sure that the promotion, just like the movie, is totally unmissable.

Creative Director, Stewart Hilton, reflect’s on a campaign that has been 9 months in the making:

‘The Nestlé team have been a joy to work with. Their passion mirrors our own and together we have created something that looks truly stunning in and out of store. The attention to detail from the team from internal launch events, down to the on-pack execution has been first class. I think it helps that many of us working on this are genuine fans of the movie franchise and we are proud to be involved in the next chapter of Bridget’s life’.

The promotion, in partnership with Universal Pictures, runs until 23.10.16 so if you fancy grabbing yourself one of Bridget’s Tablets, treat yourself to an AERO today!

If you’d like some Hollywood magic for your next campaign, please get in touch with stewart@zealcreative.com