New Global Brand Logo for Castrol

We are finally able to talk about one of the most exciting projects ZEAL has been working on over the past few months. Our client Castrol caused a global media frenzy on Thursday when it announced details of a revolutionary new system for putting oil into vehicles.

NEXCEL, the name developed by Castrol, is a no mess, eco friendly, cartridge style Oil Cell designed to replace standard oil changes and bring numerous performance, servicing and sustainability benefits. The key headline for motorists is that oil changes will be clean, simple and will take less than 90 seconds!

Up until Thursday 8th October 2015 the project was Top Secret but ZEAL had been working with Castrol’s innoVentures team for months to develop the logo and brand identity for NEXCEL’s worldwide launch. As we can now share, the new NEXCEL system removes the need to re-fill your oil from messy bottles or worry about which oil goes in your car. NEXCEL is a complete 360 degree eco-system for vehicle lubrication that is less hassle for drivers, more efficient and kinder to the environment.

Paul Waterman Castrol CEO says of NEXCEL:

“We believe this is the biggest leap forward in oil change technology in the history of the combustion engine.  As soon as people see the benefits in emissions and servicing, they will ask why it hasn’t been done before.

An innovation like this obviously needed a strong brand identity and Castrol turned to ZEAL to crack the design brief. The resulting organic yet cutting-edge logo has been designed to reflect the innovative nature of NEXCEL and the oil delivery system itself.  As well as a distinctive typeface the logo also features a potentially iconic ‘X’ device that over time will come to symbolise NEXCEL.The new identity will be used on all NEXCEL development assets from this point forwards. And the new brand couldn’t have had a faster start launching as the new in-car oil delivery system in Aston Martin’s £1.5m Vulcan Hypercar.

Castrol will now work with other car manufacturers around the world to incorporate the NEXCEL system into new car designs using feedback from Aston Martin to develop the system further. We are likely to see NEXCEL on other high performance cars over the next few years then on mainstream road cars from 2020.

Stewart Hilton, creative director at ZEAL is thrilled with the outcome:

“Getting the NEXCEL logo 100% right has been a long and difficult task but the team we work with at Castrol are amazing and it’s been a massively inspiring experience. From the outset we knew that NEXCEL has the potential to be one of the world’s most recognisable brands and we wanted Castrol to have something they were truly proud of.  The road ahead is long and exciting but we look forward to the day when our NEXCEL logo will be found under the bonnet of every car, on every road, in every country, across the globe.”

Check out the NEXCEL video below to see how your oil change is going to change:

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