ZEAL Nails it with Marigold

ZEAL’s first on-pack promotion for Marigold has finally hit the stores across the UK this week.

When our long-term client Freudenberg HP wanted to celebrate the 70th anniversary since Marigold launched its first rubber gloves, they approached ZEAL to develop their first ever national on-pack promotion on their best-selling kitchen gloves.

The team at ZEAL set out to create a campaign that would resonate with the brand’s loyal customer base and drive impact on-shelf.

Live from 1st March, this on-pack promotion is giving away a FREE Gift with every pack of Marigold Extra Life Kitchen gloves. Gifts available range from spa days, to manicures and premium nail varnishes.

Each promotional pack of yellow ‘Marigolds’ carries a vibrant pink leaflet to ensure great stand out on shelves and encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

Using a code from the promotional leaflet, the offer can be easily and instantly redeemed via the campaign microsite, designed and built by ZEAL.

The FREE Gift promotion will run across major retailers in the UK, until the end of June.

Robert White, Planning Director at ZEAL, is in a celebratory mood:

“One of the joys of working at ZEAL is that we get to create campaigns for some of Britain’s most iconic brands. Marigold gloves have been around since 1947. It’s an honour that one of ZEAL’s campaigns is helping them to celebrate this milestone.”

Have you got what it takes to help us ‘nail’ more campaigns like this? If the answer is YES, please get in touch. Email: Rob@zealcreative.com.