ZEAL acts ‘swiftly’ to support RSPB

Team ZEAL is delighted to announce that we’re sponsoring a nesting box for swifts as part of an RSPB scheme to re-introduce more of the species to the Greater Manchester area.

Swifts are iconic birds, and their appearance announces the start of summer as they soar through the skies. Sadly, like many UK species, their numbers have halved in the last 20 years due to a lack of suitable nesting sites.

So ZEAL has swooped in to help by sponsoring a nesting box in nearby Walkden. The box is fitted with cameras so the RSPB can monitor the comings and goings of our feathered friends and keep us updated about any ZEAL chicks that fly the nest.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, so we were keen to take these beautiful birds under our wing as they mirror many of the same qualities as our team:

  • Always on the go. Just like our hard-working team, swifts rarely touch down. They spend their lives in the air – they feed in the air, they mate in the air, and they even sleep in the air!


  • Collaborative. We know that working together, with each other and with our clients, means we can achieve more. As a group, swifts are the fastest of all birds in level flight.


  • Determined and dedicated. We always go the extra mile for our clients, and swifts will travel as far as Europe to find insects for their chicks.

Fingers crossed for some ZEAL chicks very soon, so keep your eyes on the skies!