ZEAL is Agency of the Year 2019!

It was a massive night for Team ZEAL at the Park Lane Hilton on Thursday, as the agency collected 14 effectiveness awards from the Institute of Promotional Marketing, including the much coveted main prize of the evening, the Agency of the Year Award.

Hopes were high going into the evening with the agency having more shortlisted campaigns than ever before; 9 campaigns nominated for recognition across 6 different clients.

On top of the 12 campaign effectiveness awards, ZEAL’s Nestlé team also won the inaugural ‘Team of the Year’ Award for their tireless work on the Nestlé Confectionery account in 2018.

ZEAL’s final haul of 14 awards was far more than anticipated creating a genuine sense of shock and excitement across the whole team as well as a deluge of best wishes from colleagues and friends on social media.

In the end ZEAL’s final roll of honour in 2019 was as follows:

IPM Agency of the Year 2019

Gold – IPM Team of the Year 2019 – ZEAL’s Team Nestlé

GoldBest Trial & Awareness Campaign: Kellogg’s – ‘Love Island 2018’

Gold – Best Campaign Insight & Strategy: Dr Oetker – ‘Take The Mayhem Out of Mealtimes’

Silver – Best Ambient Food Promotion: Kellogg’s – ‘Love Island 2018’

Silver – Best Household, Health & Beauty Promotion: PZ Cussons – ‘Imperial Leather x Skinnydip London’

Silver – Best Shopper Activation in a 3rd Party Environment: Nestlé –‘A Quality Street Christmas’

Silver – Best Social Media Promotion: Kellogg’s – ‘Love Island 2018’

Silver – Best European Promotion: Pringles – ‘Prize with Every Can’

Silver – Best Campaign Insight & Strategy: Barr Soft Drinks – ‘Rubicon Refresh Your Ramadan’

Silver – Best Integrated Campaign: Dr Oetker – ‘Take The Mayhem Out of Mealtimes’

Bronze – Best Chilled or Frozen Food Promotion: Dr Oetker – ‘Take The Mayhem Out of Mealtimes’

Bronze – Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks Promotion: Barr Soft Drinks – ‘Rubicon Refresh Your Ramadan’

Bronze – Best New Product Launch: Nestlé – ‘L’Atelier UK Launch’

For founders Stewart Hilton and Robert White it was an extremely proud moment just 5 years after making the decision to follow a dream and start their own agency in an industry that they have always loved:

“We couldn’t be more happy for the whole team and for all the wonderful clients that have made this possible. We have worked together as partners in this industry for over 25 years and the IPM Agency of the Year has always been the ultimate recognition of success. We are truly honoured to have been judged by our peers as this year’s winners”. Rob & Stew.

The win is also a huge feather in the cap of the agency’s MD Rachel Roberts who presided over all the award winning work in 2018 as well as the creation of a fantastic team that bring their ZEAL to work every day:

“I could not be more proud to lead this team of superstars. The sheer effort and passion they bring to work, astounds me and creates the backdrop for some amazing campaigns. Add into this mix fantastic clients who work with us as true partners and it’s a recipe for long term success. The only question for us all now is, where next?”

Well said Rachel!

If you want to work for or with the UK’s Most Effective Shopper Marketing Agency, please get in touch with stewart@zealcreative.com